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Do you remember your best moment?

Updated: May 15, 2020

In 1997, I was working in Puerto Vallarta as a Destination Representative. Those where the days, in six months one day of rain and every day was a beautiful blue clear sky. My evenings, my roommates Sonia, Erin and I would go downtown, we would see tourists strolling along the Malecon, having a pizza at La Dolce Vita, or having a drink at the Zoo bar! I miss those evenings!

Erin on the left and Sonia on the right, our pool at Puerto De Luna Hotel

My favorite was going to the Old Town, I loved walking up and down the cobble streets, stepping into Page in the Sky and exchanging my book, or going to find my Ice Cream Man on Los Muertos beach. My roommates would always be jealous of me having two ice creams a day and didn't put on weight lol.

Los Muertos Beach in Old Town of Puerto Vallarta

I remember when our friends or family would visit us, we always went to Los Muertos beach and find a shack who served Margaritas and watched the stunning sunsets!

I have never seen any place on earth with these spectualar sunsets
The most spectular sunsets I have ever seen.

Puerto Vallarta was my home, I had friends, my roommates were like my sisters.

What a Cutie! Our waitor at the Zoo Bar. I don't remember his name, he looks like a Luis!

I remember one night, they came home with a cat and they named her Bella after me. The irony was I am not the biggest fan of pets and this cat was always in my room, one night we couldn't find her and of course she was hiding underneath my bed and scared the living hell out of me during the night, she jumped on my bed.

NO it's not Bella but she was black and white! You know they adopted her off the street and then they lost her one night. It was never meant to be our cat! I told them:)

The area I worked was the Marina Del Rey.

The Marina, my friend Gina visiting with Sonia's sister Angela.

Everyday I would go see my clients. One of my hotels was the Velas Vallarta. It was a 5 star best hotel in town. One thing which disappoints me is many hotels are All Inclusive now. Vallarta is known for having some of the best restaurants. I feel people miss out this experience. I highly suggest when you go to Vallarta to make it a point to go to a restaurant.

Meet Pedro Luna! Do you believe he is still working for this hotel Velas Vallarta!

The best night of the week was Saturday, we loved going to our favorite club Christine's! Should I say it was mine, and everyone made me happy! I will keep those weekends a secret!

Those were the days! I love Puerto Vallarta and my favorite destination is Mexico for some sun, sand and fun! Some of the best hotels are the take a look.

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A few more memories!

La Dolce Vita our favorite pizza place. Still open!


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