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Hikers in Volcano
DAY 1 - 06 OCT 25 ARRIVE Palermo, ITALY

Welcome to Sicily

Arrival Airport Palermo transfer to Castellammare Del Golfo (Upon arrival your transfer will be waiting with a sign Hiking Sicily-40 minute drive)

Hotel: Marina di Petrolo Hotel & SPA | Castellammare del Golfo ****(3 nights)

DAY 2 -  07 OCT 25- West Coast Trail

Departure: 9:00 Arrival: 18:00


Morning on your own in the Medival Town of Erice

Erice is a wonderful and mysterious medieval town at the extreme north-west corner of Sicily, on the top of “Monte San Giuliano”, made famous in ancient times as the birthplace of Venus. The town overlooks the city of Trapani and the low western coast towards the Egadi Islands, where sea salt is made, offering the most breath taking views. Actually on a clear day you can see the African coast. Walking through the cobble - stoned streets of the town, smelling a variety of aromas emanating from the numerous pastry shop for which Erice is famous. You will see the Norman Castle and the Duomo. A special stop at the Maria Grammatico’s famous pastry shop to see the variety of sweets she lovingly creates, here you will taste almond sweets, genovesi and nougat to match with Marsala wine

Zingaro Reserve

Afternoon HIKE

Departue: 9am Return: Noon (Morning Hike, Free Afternoon)

The Monte Cofano Reserve is a treasure chest that contains many treasures. Located halfway between San Vito Lo Capo and Trapani, it is one of the most interesting natural attractions on the Trapani coast. Protected by silence, invaded by lush dwarf palms and the choreographic tufts of disa (ampelodesma), dotted with enormous rocks that have rolled down to the sea, the Monte Cofano Reserve is a terribly fascinating place where time seems to have stopped.

Walking along the coastal path of the Monte Cofano Oriented Nature Reserve, which from the western side leads to the Tono tuna fishery, to the east, is an experience that fills your eyes with beauty every time you reach a new panoramic point. Every corner of the mountain offers strong emotions. Performing the circumnavigation of the mountain is not particularly difficult, the path is comfortable and can be covered in around three hours of actual walking.

Route: Cala Buguto, Torre San Giovanni, Grotta del Crocifisso, Tonnara di Cofano, Sella di Cofano, Cala Buguto

Route length: 8 km approx 2 hours, Difference in altitude: 250 m Difficulty: Easy

DAY 3 - 08 OCT 25 - Zingaro Trail


Walking along the coastal path, from Scopello to San Vito Lo Capo, 7 KM of wonders of great variety will unfold before us. Our eye will wander among the many enchanting blue bays –Cala Tonnarella dell’Uzzo, Cala dell’Uzzo, Cala Marinella, Cala Berretta, Cala della Disa, Cala del Varo, Cala Capreria – where the delicate colors of the smooth white pebbles alternate to the harshness of the rock. The itineraries are many and all rich of surprises. A real paradise for nature and sea lovers. Born in 1980 as a natural reserve, the site features several well-maintained paths, six beaches and diverse flora and fauna. You will live an adventure through the guided naturalistic paths and explore the Mediterranean landscape.


Duration: 2 hours approx.

7KM. Easy to Moderate, dirt path, uneven, rocks.

Not Included: 5 Euros for Entrance Fee

Beatriz hiker
DAY 4 - 09 OCT 25 - Countryside Hike

Departure: 9:00am Arrival: 18:00

Check out of Hotel - Bags will remain on the bus

With its 7,400 hectares of extension at 682 meters above sea level, the Bosco della Ficuzza, Rocca Busambra, Bosco del Cappelliere and Gorgo del Drago Oriented Nature Reserve is considered the largest green area in western Sicily. It is a true oasis of peace and nature, just 40 km from Palermo, which covers the territories of Corleone, Mezzojuso, Godrano, Marineo and Monreale.

King's Pulpit Path and Coda di Riccio lakes:



Length: 8 km, Difference in altitude: 150 m, Difficulty: Easy

Lowest point: 779 m, Highest point: 912 m

Lunch Experience at a Agriturisomo Gorgo Del Drago

Hotel: Abbazia Santa Anastasia (3 night stay)

Countryside Hike
DAY 5 - 10 OCT 25 - Leisure Day

Parco Delle Madanie

Departure 09:00 Arrival 18:00

The Madonie mountains: a rare beauty, kept intact over time

itineraries of history and nature steeped in emotions

The Madonie mountains represent one of the most interesting areas of Sicily. It is a short mountain ridge in the Tyrrhenian area of the island, which reaches the sea. This territory is a treasure to be discovered, where natural paths and picturesque villages intertwine to weave a story of local history and traditions. Immersing yourself in the magic of the Madonie is a totalizing experience: the suspended charm of history and poetic suggestions of nature will be waiting for you at every glimpse of the landscape. From sites of historical and cultural interest to nature trails, the Madonie mountains offer all year round itineraries full of emotions aimed at discovering the most authentic Sicily.


The hike will be from: Piano Sempria – Piano Battaglia route

The Madonie Park is the richest place in biodiversity in Sicily and one of the richest in the entire Mediterranean basin.

In the heart of the Carbonara Massif, the itinerary offers an incredible variety of environments and landscapes. Stop in an absolutely unique place: the giant holly forest of Piano Pomo. The route also passes near Pizzo Canna, a rocky spur where a pair of golden eagles nest.


Distance: 12 km Difference, Altitude: 500 m, Difficulty: Moderate

DAY 6 -  11 OCT 25 Cefalu

Departure 9am- Return 5PM (free afternoon in Cefalu)

After a one hour drive we have a guided tour of the archaeological park of Cefalù which will make you discover an important naturalistic and historical area because it preserves the archaeological remains combined with the charm and naturalistic beauty of the Park. After this 3.5 KM Hike you will have free time for lunch and to explore on your own.


Cefalù is a gorgeous town located on the northern coast of Sicily, and one of the major tourist attractions in the region.

Built on a promontory dominated by a sheer cliff, Cefalù has grown around the Norman Cathedral wanted by Ruggero II, still keeping its ancient print. The Cathedral, began in 1131, is one of the most interesting medieval monuments of the island and boasts outstanding mosaics and a wonderful cloister. An impressive mosaic of Christ Pantocrator stands out above the altar, twinned with the Palatine Chapel in Palermo and the Cathedral of Monreale.


A large part of the town is pedestrian; just stroll through the medieval narrow streets, and admire the picturesque houses on the sea and the long beach of fine sand; than, in the afternoon, take a bath in the amazingly blue water of its sea: an experience really worth remembering!


Length: 3.5 km  Difficulty Moderate-Difficult

Paths: Paved and dirt path, inclines and declines involved, stairs

Difference in Level: 268 Meters

Not Included: 4 Euros Entrance fee

Hike in the Country in Sicily
DAY 7 -  12 OCT 25 Volcano

Transfer to Vulcano-Aeolian Island

Departure:8:30 from hotel - Ferry: 10:30 from Milazzo


After breakfast you will be transferred to Milazzo Ferry Terminal to Vulcano, you will drop off your bags at the port with the concierge of the hotel and we will begin our hike.


Vulcano is an island of wilderness: the clear waters of the sea, hot springs, mud and the well-known fumaroles that spew sulfur dioxide and black sand and can be considered a magic cure-all for health and beauty. During the navigation to the island don’t miss stops in sequence at the black beaches of Gelso, the Horse Cave and the Pools of Venus.

Meet your trekking guide and follow him on a well-marked sandy path that climbs to the most “dangerous” crater of the archipelago. An incredible lunar landscape of smoking holes, sulfur and volcanic “bombs” awaits you, here is easy to understand why the powerful beauty of this island impressed so many writers and poets.

Difficulty: Moderate- Difference in level: 391 meters

Hotel: Therasia Resort (3 nights)

hiking in milazzo
DAY 8 - 13 OCT 25 Aeolian Islands

Isola di Salina

Departure from Vulcano: 9:25AM (45 minute ferry)

Return from Salina: 17:15 (45 minute ferry)

Though Salina’s rocky beaches nod to its volcanic composition, today the island is as tranquil as can be. Think olive farms, think caper bushes, think storybook trees heavy with plump figs and citrus fruits. Salina is a place for your taste buds to swoon over nature’s sweetest and saltiest bounties. Cap each meal with a sip of the islands signature Malvasia dessert wine. When your belly needs a break, explore Salina’s stone lanes, pebble beaches, and the twin volcanos, dormant for 13,000 years.


Hiking Lovers Sicily 2025

The sweet and elegant Salina welcomes you with a unique blend of Mediterranean atmosphere.


Trekking on the west.


Beautiful and panoramic walk suitable for everybody: we start from the village of Leni, following an ancient dry-walls path, then we reach Valle Spina passing through an olive trees bush in the south-west part of the island; here we reach a view point overlooking Filo di Branda, in this area it’s possible to see the queen’s falcon (Falco eleonorae) and other predaceous birds with Alicudi and Filicudi on the horizon…at the end a real home food experience.


Difficulty: Moderate (2/5)

Starting point to be reached by TAXI/bus

Difference in level: 300 feet

Excursion time: 2.5-3 hours

DAY 9 - 14 OCT 25 : Panarea & Stromboli Hikes

Panarea is the smallest island of the Aeolian archipelago and is an incredible source of naturalistic and archaeological secrets.


From the port start an easy walk into the wild to discover little naturalistic and anthropological “worlds”: the path brings you to explore the south-east area, above the village of Iditella from where you can admire Stromboli and the little islets around Panarea. Following narrow picturesque roads you reach Calajunco and the bronze age village of Punta Milazzese; finally back again to the harbor.


Difficulty: ** 2/5 - Difference in level: 100 meters (300 ft) - Excursion time: 3 hours



The island of Stromboli stunts for its dazzling and mysterious beauty, through its narrow and smelling streets you feel the gruff and benevolent presence of "Iddu".


The impressive “Sciara del Fouco” hike.

From San Vincenzo church. You will follow an ancient path with a fantastic view, crossing the old cemetery and passing through the Mediterranean bush, suddenly reach the fire line of the Sciara: around you only ash, sand and few pioneer plants, this is the point where is possible not only hear the “voice” of the volcano, but also to see stones rolling down from the top straight inside the deep blue sea...

Difficulty: ** 2/5 - Difference in level: 300 meters (900ft) - Excursion time: 4 hours

DAY 9  03 NOV 25: The Little Bell Trail

Departure 9:00 Return at 16:00

Sicily at dusk

Day 10 - 15 Oct 25: Ferry Milazzo-Taormina

Ferry Time: 11:20 AM (Volcano) Arrives 12:10PM (Milazzo)

After a nice breakfast, you will hop on the ferry from Volcano to Milazzo Ferry Terminal, the bus transfer will be waiting at the Port to bring you to the most famous town, Taormina .

Enjoy the rest of the at leisure.

Day 11 - 16 OCT 25 Mt. Etna

Departure: 9:00 Arrival: 17:00

Discovering Mount Etna is one of the greatest adventure tours in Sicily, not only for the volcanic phenomena but also for the different kinds of vegetation visible all along the uphill track. ​

Etna has more than 400 craters, split all over the Catania county. Join your expert alpine/naturalistic guide and begin the hiking from Piano Provenzana.​

Under his expertise guidance, you will be hiking for 4/5 hours up to the craters of 2002 and the whole path is a mix of pine forest and volcanic soil.

DAY 12- 17 OCT 25 Cava D'Ispica Hike & Noto-A Baroque Town

Departure 09:00 arrival 17:00

After Breakfast we will depart for an amazing excursion to discover the Cava d’Ispica, a natural Grand Canyon in the province of Ragusa, full of archaeological wonders. It is not only a guided tour in contact with nature, but also an adventurous hiking excursion, an exciting journey through history! With our authorized guide, you will walk through the uncontaminated natural paths of the canyon to discover the grottoes, along with the many prehistoric dwellings, and enter the Sicilian Castle carved in stone, situated in the rocky paths of the quarry of Ispica. It is not a well-known territory and yet, it is full of surprises to discover safely with the help of an expert who has a deep knowledge of the area. At the end of the excursion, you will have a tasting of local Sicilian products in order to conclude, in the best way possible, this extraordinary experience that your hearts will cherish forever. After this excursion, you will stop at another Baroque Masterpiece , NOTO! (Visit on your own)


Noto, is the town's beauty that it has been awarded status as Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by Unesco. A powerful earthquake completely destroyed the town in 1693, leading to Noto being rebuilt in sumptuous Baroque style. According to your expert guide suggestions, stroll through the city: grandiose flights of steps lead worshippers and tourists alike up to the ornately carved entrance doors of the churches, the roads open out in to sweeping piazzas lined by palaces built in a stone of soft pink and golden yellow hues.

DAY 13 - 18 OCT 25 Trail around Vendicari & Marazmemi Fishing Village

Departure 9am Arrival 5pm

If you love long walks, you will appreciate this place. It is not exactly trekking as the slopes are not relevant, but each path covers about 3 km of the reserve, all bordered by rocky beaches spaced out with some beautiful coves, including Calamosche, awarded with the title “most beautiful beach of Italy” in 2005 by the Blue Guide of Legambiente. An half-way trip between trekking and a jump back in time, inside the ancient excavations of the Greek city right next to the beach of Eloro, passing through the promontory of the Cittadella with its view on the Trigona and the Etruscan catacombs along the coast along through via Elorina… ​ After this beautiful 13 K trail we will stop and have lunch in the fishing town of Marzamemi (lunch not included)

Day 14 - 19 OCT 25 Visit Baroque Town of Ragusa & Modica

After breakfast, check out of the hotel and we are off to our next adventure:

Visit Baroque Town of Ragusa & Modica

The city has distinct areas, the lower and older town of Ragusa Ibla, and the higher Ragusa Superiore (Upper Town). The two halves are separated by the Valle dei Ponti, a deep ravine crossed by four bridges. In 1693, was devastated by an earthquake, and afterwards, rebuilt in the Baroque style. Stepping from the orderly grid of streets and avenues into the old town's tangle of nooks and lanes is like being in two different cities. Ragusa Ibla hosts a wide array of Baroque architecture, including several stunning palaces and churches like the Cathedral of San Giorgio and the Church of San Giuseppe. You will pass in front of the Hyblean Gardens, the gorgeous Palazzo Arezzo di Trifletti and in the elegant and historic setting of this noble palace.

DAY 15  20 OCT, 25 Departures to Malta 
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